Friday, May 23, 2008

NC Legislative Update: Friday Wrap Up


This week we got the first look at where the House budget may be heading. All House appropriation subcommittees have been meeting jointly with their Senate peers.  After a full day of budget roll outs on Wednesday the General Assembly packed up and headed to Greensboro on Thursday.  It is looking like we will see a full House budget the middle of next week.  For more on the budget scroll down and check out the budget recap.

Check out Chris Fitzsimon's Wednesday Fitzsimon File. 

Coalition Rally Day:

The Coalition Rally Day rocked! Great turn out by advocates with developmental disabilities, their families and friends.  

Gary Robertson with the Associated Press wrote a good review of the days activities. Read it here.

Bills We Are Watching:

Bills that have nothing to do with appropriation requests are also being filed.  We are currently tracking a few bills that are coming out of the Dropout Commission.  This commission met during the session break.  This year we had 4,050 students with disabilities drop out of high school.  House Bill 2356 came out of the dropout commission.  This legislation will study the participation and dropout rates of students with disabilities in learn and earn early college high schools, redesigned high schools, and the North Carolina Virtual Public School.

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