Friday, May 16, 2008

ACTION ALERT: Funding for CAP/MR-DD Slots! Call or Email Today!

Action Alert: Funding for New CAP/MR-DD Slots

The budget is moving quickly and the Health and Human Services Joint Appropriation Committee needs to hear from you today.

There are over 4,000 families waiting access critical services through CAP/MR-DD slots. The Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse Joint Legislative Oversight Committee and the Governor’s Budget ignored the needs of these families by not proposing any funding for new slots. Your concerns and your needs are not being overlooked by leaders in the General Assembly many are taking action to help correct this oversight. Representative Maggie Jeffus, Representative Martha Alexander, Representative Bob England, Representative Beverly Earle, Senator Doug Berger and Senator Walter Dalton are primary supporters for an appropriation bill requesting ten million dollars ($10,000,000) be appropriated in this budget towards new CAP/MR-DD slots.


Call and or e-mail the following Representatives and Senators and say Thank You for supporting funding for new CAP/MR-DD Slots. Tell them how important these new slots will be for the more than 4,000 families who are waiting for a CAP slot.

Representative Beverly Earle 919.715.2530
Representative Bob England 919.733.5749
Representative Jeff Barnhart 919.715.2009
Representative Wil Neumann 919.733.5868
Senator Doug Berger 919.715.8363
Senator William Purcell 919.733.5953


The following members serve on the HHS appropriations committee and have not yet signed on the bill. If they represent you it is particularly important for them to hear from you today or Monday.

Representative Verla Insko 919.733.7208
Representative Debbie Clary 919.715.2002
Representative Linda Coleman 919.733.5974
Representative William Brisson 919.733.5772
Representative Charles Thomas 919.715.3012
Senator Harris Blake 919.733.4809
Senator Charlie Dannelly 919.733.5955
Senator James Forrester 919.715.3050
Senator Steve Goss 919.733.5743

Tell Them:

-Please support this bill.

-CAP/MR-DD slots permit families and persons with developmental disabilities who qualify for this program to receive critical support services.

-Without an investment by the General Assembly there will be NO new CAP/MR-DD Slots for the over 4,000 people and families waiting for services in our State.

If you do not know who your legislator is or how to reach them you can go the General Assembly web site.

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