Saturday, May 31, 2008

Election 2008: Florida and Michigan Delegates Will Go to Denver for Democratic Party Convention

There was not a Democratic Presidential Primary today. No one was lining up at their polling places to cast a vote but votes were a major topic this evening. 

The Democratic National Committee met in Washington, DC today to decide the fate of votes in the Florida and Michigan Primaries. After the shouting and rhetoric were over here is the decision. 100% of the delegation from Florida and Michigan will be seated at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August. Each delegate will be able to cast ½ a vote at the convention.  

The second decision made today was how to actually split the delegates between the remaining Democratic Party candidates.

Michigan Delegates: 69 to Clinton and 59 to Obama. Quick background, in Michigan there was only one Democratic candidate on the ballot, Hillary Clinton. This compromise came from the Michigan Democratic Party.

Florida Delegates: 105 to Clinton and 67 for Obama. Quick background, all the candidates were included on the primary ballot in this state.  

With this decision we now have a new final “Magic” number to get the nomination, 2,118. According to the Associated Press here is the current total per Democratic Candidate: Obama 2,052 and Clinton 1,877.

The next primary is in Puerto Rico tomorrow. Then we move to the final “super” Tuesday with primaries for the Democrats in Montana and South Dakota. The Republicans end with their last primary in New Mexico.

Check out what CNN and MSNBC has to say about today’s developments.

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