Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Election 2008: Result Wrap Up!

It's been a really late night here at the blog.  We are still waiting to see what happens in Indiana with the Democratic Presidential Primary race.  Right now it is still to close to call.

What we can report is what happened here in North Carolina.  With 98% of our polls now reporting here are the results:

Democratic Presidential Primary
Senator Barack Obama wins North Carolina over Senator Hillary Clinton.

Democratic Gubernatorial Primary

Bev Perdue wins the primary over Richard Moore.

Democratic Lt. Governor Primary
Walter Dalton wins the primary over Hampton Dellinger, Pat Smathers, and Dan Besse.

Republican Gubernatorial Primary
Pat McCrory wins the primary over Fred Smith, Bob Orr, Bill Graham and Elbie Powers.

Republican Lt. Governor Primary
Robert Pittenger wins over Jim Snyder, Timothy Cook and Greg Dority.

To see more results from today’s primary head over to WRAL’s Election Results.

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