Friday, May 23, 2008

NC Legislative Update: The Budget

This week the House Appropriation Subcommittees rolled out their budget requests. The final House budget is due this coming week.  

Here is the breakdown of the money report from the House Appropriation Subcommittee on Health and Human Services and Education.

Health and Human Services:

Local Crisis System Response System: This will include the Governor's recommendation for funding for the START Model.       $30,334,290 Recurring    $5,904,459 Non recurring

Housing 400 Initiative-Operating Cost Subsidy  $1,000,000 Recurring
Housing 400 Initiative- Housing Trust Fund       $4,000,000 Non Recurring

CAP-MR/DD Tiered Slots             $8,232,411  Recurring

Early Intervention for Autism      $2,000,000  Recurring

Supportive Services for HUD 811 Projects       $129,311 Recurring   $155,000  Non Recurring

Traumatic Brain Injury Services   $1,000,000  Recurring

Beyond Academics: Intellectual Disability Transition Program  $200,000  Recurring


Children With Disabilities/Increase to LEAs  (Raises funding to $3,386.50 per student)
$6,200,000 Recurring

Disadvantaged Student Supplemental Funding  $5,000,000  Recurring

Dropout Prevention Grants       $10,000,000  Non Recurring

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