Thursday, January 24, 2008

Opening Plenary: Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln-Arkansas

Senator Lincoln opened her comments stating that we are facing a health care crisis. The crisis is in access to quality and affordable health care. Lincolnt stated that "This has to be one of our top priorities". Senator Lincoln stated that the Institute of Medicine reports that 18 thousand people die each year because they do no have insurance. Senator Lincoln drew the connection between health care and our national economy. Lincoln stated that the economic toll of chronic diabetes last year was 174 billion dollars. The current number of people without health insurance in our nation sits at 47 million.

Senator Blance Lambert Lincoln gave us her topic health care issues.
Here they are:
-Passing the long term renewal of the SCHIP bill

-Broaden Medicare and Medicaid

-Create more health care insurance options for small business, employees of small businesses and the self employed by creating an strong insurance pool.

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