Thursday, January 24, 2008

Julia's Musings: Opening Plenary Comments

Some background information. This is the 13th conference and by pre registration this is the largest conference.

SCHIP is first up on the hot topic list.

"Right in the middle of two distinct periods broad bi partisan support of chidlren's health coverage unfortunately President Bush vetoed this important legislation." -Ron Pollack

Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln, Arkansas is the first speaker up. Here is her background:
She serves on the Senate Finance committee with jurisdiction over Medicare/Medicaid and SCHIP. She transends partisanship and ideology. She is one of the champions of a strong SCHIP and legisaltion that would give small business the opportunity to purchase health insurance through large insurance pools.

"She is a role model for so many people on our staff. Her lfe balance utmost professionalism with devlotion to family". -Ron Pollack.

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