Thursday, January 10, 2008

Julia's Musings: North Carolina Gubernatorial Candidates Debate State Economy

This evening UNC-TV will kick off the race for the Governor’s office with a candidate forum on North Carolina’s economy. The candidates will answer questions regarding the current economic outlook of North Carolina. The hot topic during the Special Session of the General Assembly in September was the creation of incentive packages to encourage corporations to move to North Carolina or, in the case of Goodyear and Bridgestone, expand existing sites in North Carolina.

Data collected in the Third Annual Disability Status Report shows that 38% of people with disabilities are employed. For people without disabilities that number is closer to 80 percent. People with disabilities are also more likely to be living in poverty. The report shows that 25.4 percent of working age people with disabilities lives in poverty compared to 9.5 percent without a disability.

Hopefully this evening we will hear how people with disabilities can be included in the economic growth of our state.

Tonight’s debate will be the first of three debates. The second forum will be about health care and the last forum will be on education.

Read More on Disability Unemployment Statistics:

Program Information:
UNC –TV Gubernatorial Candidate Forum
Thursday, January 10, 2008
Democratic Candidates:
Richard Moore
Bev Perdue
Dennis Nielsen
Republican Candidates:
Bill Graham
Bob Orr
Fred Smith

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