Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dispatch from Jones St:House Finance Committee Update

Quick report on the House Finance Committee process-the revenue bill is HB1588. It is not on line yet but should be at some point today.  This revenue bill would raise $940 million in new revenue.
If this happens here is the information on how the new revenue would be cover some budget cuts in Education and HHS.

Restoration reserve would be directed as follows-$352 million (FY09-10) and $397.9 (FY10-11)
Funds would be directed to:
-Public School Teachers in the Classroom K-3
-Funds for At-Risk children and Low Wealth Supplemental Funding
-Community College Tuition Waivers
-Community College Equipment ($10 million dollars)
-University Personnel
-Instructional Support Personnel and School Building Administrators

Health and Human Services:
Restoration reserve would be directed as follows-$288 million (FY09-10) and $309.7 million (FY10-11)
Funds would be directed to:
-Medicaid and Services such as Physical and Occupational Therapy
-Various Provider Rates
-Mental Health Services to Communities
-Smart Start
-Personal Care Services
-Dental Services-Adult and Child Oral Health

If you are trying to locate HB1588 on the NC General Assembly Website you will find a bill with very different information in it. The revenue bill has not yet passed the Finance Committee and so the bill language has not yet been updated.

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