Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Action Needed!
More Calls Needed!
June 3, 2009

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Today Americans for Prosperity will hold their annual "anti-tax" rally  at the General Assembly. We need to make sure that the members of the General Assembly continue to hear our message loud and clear!  We can not cut our way out of this deficit!!  

The programs that are being cut help keep our families stable and our children healthy! These important programs employee thousands of people who will loose their jobs if this devastating budget passes the House HHS Appropriation subcommittee!  

Tell the members of the HHS Appropriation Subcommittee to vote NO! 

Tell them to raise taxes!!! 

We need you to make more calls!!  Write more emails!!! Do it now!!!!

If you called yesterday, call again today!

Budget Update 6/2/09
Today in the HHS budget subcommittee meeting, the Chairs proposed an additional 250 million dollars in cuts to meet the fiscal targets. The cuts were in two primary areas adding an additional 1.5% cut in rates for Medicaid providers and a 10 million dollar cut in Personal Care in Group Homes and rest homes. They also eliminate Medicaid funding for PT, OT and Speech therapy. These cuts continue the trend of cutting services to NC citizens and driving our state further into recession. Despite these additional cuts, we do know your calls are having an impact. In today’s meeting, several legislators did state they could not vote for a budget with this degree of cuts.

We need you to continue the calls that you are making to the leadership! For them the message that a tax increase is preferable to these cuts is critical.

For those of you who have a legislator on the HHS appropriations Subcommittee, we need to have calls to these members asking them to vote against these proposals and support a tax increase to offset these cuts! The members of the committee are listed below. These folks need calls from their community!

On Thursday the committee is scheduled to vote. It would be great if we had the room full of families and people with disabilities. If the committee is to vote yes on this, they need to see the people they will affect. The committee is scheduled to meet after session which we think will be around mid-day. 

Subcommittee on Health and Human Services
Representative Verla Insko-Orange County
Phone: 919-733-7208

Representative Beverly Earle-Mecklenburg County
Phone: 919-715-2530

Representative Bob England-Rutherford County
Phone: 919-733-5749

Representative Jeff Barnhart-Cabarrus County
Phone: 919-715-2009

Representative William D. Brisson-Bladen and Cumberland County
Phone: 919-733-5772

Representative Justin Burr – Stanly County
Phone: 919-733-5908

Representative Pearl Burris-Floyd –Gaston County
Phone: 919-715-2002

Representative Nelson Dollar – Wake County
Phone: 919-715-0795

Representative Wil Neumann – Gaston County
Phone: 919-733-5868

Representative Jean Farmer-Butterfield-Wilson County
Phone: 919-733-5898

Representative Randy Stewart
Phone: 919-733-5802

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