Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dispatch from Jones St: Update on House HHS Budget

The House HHS Appropriation Committee just wrapped up its morning meeting. There are additional cuts that have been made to the already devastating budget of last week.

Included in the new budget is the elimination of OT/PT/ and Speech Therapy, a major cut in the Medicaid Orthotics and Prosthetics Coverage, an increase of 1.5% in the provider rate reduction bringing that number to 5.5%, an additional reduction in the cuts to the continuation budget, an additional reduction in personal care services in adult care homes and the list goes on and on!

All of these cuts were made to come up with an additional $265 million in cuts.

This budget will devastate the health delivery system of North Carolina. This budget will put people lives at risk and families will be sent into crisis. Jobs will be lost and we will see our state move from a recession into a depression.

As advocates we can not let this budget be passed out of this committee. We will be sending out a new action alert soon. We will be asking you to step up the pressure on these committee members and we need you to respond quickly!!!!


Anonymous said...

When approxiamately fifteen percent of north carolinqains are without a job, it is riduculous and irresponsible at this time for you folks to ask for our taxes to be raised. Our disposable incomes that will be needed to pay for the trillions being spent by our can only go so far. With the daily increases on the prices of everyday neccisities I find the attitude that we need to raise taxes an insult to all hard working PRIVATE SECTOR employees. YOu folks don't apprecaite the fact that we have to work hard for our incomes and ferar when the income stream will be cut short due to the economy. You people just think , we need more money, let's get the government to give us more. Where do you think these funds come from to support your cause. OH thats right, the Government, not the citizens that are already working almost six months out of ayear just to pay the taxes they owe, not counting all the tax increases needed to pay for the spending of the present presidential administration. You folks don't see that North Carolina needs to cut taxes to try to bring more industries to N.C. We live in a state that has some of the highest taxes in the region. Now is Not the time for tax increases.

People are getting tied of the condescending attitudes of the nonprofits that rely on government handouts. You folks need to understand , IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY, it's the citizens money.

Anonymous said...

I love blogs that are scared to post opposing viewpoints. ie "all comments must be approved by the blog author.Typical liberal attitude, free speech for thee, but not for me.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you are saying. I do not want my taxes raised either. But you cannot simply cut funding for programs that are imperative for people to live. We are not talking about money for these individuals to have extra, we're talking about money they need to survive. Families with children with disabilities and adults with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty, have less access to appropriate medical care and services, have less access to full-time employment, and many need 24 hour care. None of us want to pay more taxes, but our only option cannot be to eliminate programs in such a manner. In the end, NC will end up spending the money regardless through crisis services, increased substance abuse, and institutions (which are more expensive than in-home care). We need to join together and help the House come up with an alternative solution.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 332pm
Just where is it the state constitution that this a duty of the state. Where is it stated that this a function of government. We have so many programs that help people but the one thing that does not help people is raising taxes unless your goal is the same as our current president, to make us all wards of the state,with all of our disposable income controlled by the government. Everyone of you nonprofits think we can just keep taxing the public for your wants. Most of the folks working for the groups have good intentions for helping the public but are not well versed in working and living in the private sector. Just like our new president has never worked in the private sectoer and has now through his wanting to help everyone has driven this country in to the greatest debt ever owed by a government. The reliance on government handouts for all these pet wants and dreams needs to end and the Government and you nonprofits need to live within means on which you have.

When you take tax more from Peter to help Paul you have just impacted the living quality of Peter.

My family and I have been greatly impacted by this current economic situation and any higher taxes would hurt us economically. We are simply trying to live the American way within our means.

These nonprofits do need create wealth, they take andkeep asking for more.

Anonymous said...

I can see where it appears many non-profits are asking for government handouts. But the reality is that is not the case. The majority of non-profits are private agencies working off of very limited budgets, and they rely not just on government assistance, but grants, fundraising, etc. Most people working for nonprofits are paid on the lower end of the salary scale, and I'm sure a tax increase would significantly impact them as well, as well as the families that are receiving these services. So, perhaps there is a middle ground between raising taxes and making a 40% reduction in funding. In reality, so very little of our taxes go to fund these programs. And you are right, it is not in the state constitution that many of these services have to be provided. Most of them are not entitlement programs. Our state and federal government have chosen to provide these programs because of a history of abuse, neglect, violence, and poverty towards these groups. They found that there were worse outcomes for our state and for our nation when they chose not to intervene.
If anything non-profits have perhaps done a bad job of reaching out to our larger community and showing that they are not asking for a government handout. They are simply trying to make sure that every individual has the same opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness regardless of age and ability level.

Anonymous said...

You don't want your taxes raised? Neither do I but they will be raised with this current budget to make up for lost state income taxes and to fund unemployment when 20,000 therapist (PT, OT ans Speech) loose their jobs. I work in an outpatient speech and hearing clinic. About 50% of of patinet load is Medicaid. No patients...no job.