Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dispatch from Jones St: House Budget Progress Update

The House budget made some more forward progress today by getting a favorable report from House Pensions and we are waiting to hear when the House Finance committee will meet. The members need to roll the finance bill into the appropriations bill.  Normally, the House would then move the budget to floor but we are seeing a slight delay in the political process right now.

Just a quick civics lesson: this budget is a long way from finished. The House and Senate will have very different bills and there will need to be a conference committee seated to negotiate those difference. We are in for a long fight and your voices will be needed every step of the way.
You are being heard so keep up the great work!

Here is what we need you to continue to do: We need you to keep up your phone calls and emails and we need you to keep telling your stories.

We will being posting more information as we go through the day so keep checking in.

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