Saturday, September 15, 2007

Senator Doug Berger Receives Award!

Senator Doug Berger received The Arc of North Carolina Senate Legislator of the Year Award last evening at our Annual Awards Banquet. Thanks to Senator Berger’s leadership during the budget negotiations, we were able to secure 300 new CAP/MR-DD waiver slots. Senator Berger was also the Senate sponsor of the Offer Sign Language in Schools and Colleges and voted to support the Disability History and Awareness bill. Senator Berger spoke passionately about the need for people with disabilities to gain full independence. He highlighted the need for full implementation of Ticket to Work in our state. We congratulate Senator Doug Berger on his award.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to state Senator Doug Berger. We encourage him to include all people in his efforts especially the most vulnerable ...our children and their education.

Getting help for folks with disabilities is important and laudable. It is equally important that children, in particular, those in his senatorial district (Franklin, Granville, Vance and Warren counties)have access to the full range of educational options and not just the ones he agrees with. Thousands of our precious children in his district are forced to accept an inferior education, not because of parents or teachers, but because state Senator Berger chooses to ignore their parent's pleas to help with all options from public traditional schools to public charter schools, private schools, open schools, and home schools.

We remind state Senator Doug Berger that children with disabilities are among those thousands receiving an inferior education. Please help them, too.