Tuesday, September 25, 2007

News Update: SCHIP Passes the House

At 8:53pm this evening SCHIP passed the House of Represenatives. The House agreed to the Senate amendments as presented in the compromise legislation for HR 976.
The vote report is 265 yeas 159 nays.

North Carolina Representatives voted as follows:

Voting Yes: Representatives Butterfield (D 1st), Price (D 4th), Miller (D 13th), Shuler (D 11th) and Watt (D 12th).

Voting No: Representatives Coble (R 6th), Etheridge (D 2nd), Foxx (R 5th), Hayes (R 8th), Jones (R 3rd), McHenry (R 10th), McIntyre (D 7th), and Myrick (R 9th).

For complete voting record click here:

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