Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Facts Regarding People with Developmental Disabilities in North Carolina

This past weekend The Arc of North Carolina held its statewide convention. The following facts were presented to the attendees during Steve Eidelman’s closing keynote address. These facts speak to the current situation being faced by people with developmental disabilities in our state.

• 1.5 million people or 17.5% of all North Carolinians had a disability – Census 2000.
• As the population ages and people live longer, this number will increase.
• ~20,000 people with developmental disabilities live with aging caregivers (2004 study), 2.8% of all such people in the US (NC is 2.9% of US population).
• North Carolina is 12th in terms of people in institutions.
• North Carolina financial increases in the community have been below the recent national averages.
• North Carolina, in 2005, spent 79% of its budget on “community”, including small ICFMR. National average is 88.8%
• NC Spends 37.4% of DD budget on CAP Waiver. The national average is 58.6%.

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