Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NCGA: Joint Legislative Oversight Committee Meeting MH/DD/SAS Agenda

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, & Substance Abuse Services
October 13, 2010 9:30 A.M.; Room 643, Legislative Office Building
Representative Verla Insko, Co-Chair, Presiding

9:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Senator Martin Nesbitt, Co-Chair
Representative Verla Insko, Co-Chair

9:30-10:00 Secretary's Remarks Lanier Cansler, Secretary
Department of Health and Human Services

10:00-10:15 Expenditures & Utilization Tracking Update Craigan Gray, M.D., State Medicaid Director
Division of Medical Assistance

10:15-11:00 SIS Assessment Tool Pilot Project Rose Burnett
(Implementation of Sec. 10.6 of Budget Bill) DD Project Manager, DMH/DD/SAS

11:00-11:30 Independent Assessments/MH Services
(Implementation of Sec. 10.36 of Budget Bill) Beth Melcher, Ph.D.
Asst. Secretary for MHDDSA Services Development

11:30-11:45 Update on Dorothea Dix Hospital &
Report on Operating Budget
(Sec. 10.10 of Budget Bill) Luckey Welsh
Director of State Operated Healthcare Facilities


1:00-1:45 National Health Reform: Overview and Impact on MH/DD/SA Services Pam Silberman, JD, DrPH
President & CEO, NC Institute of Medicine
Publisher, NC Medical Journal

1:45-2:15 Implementation Update on CAP-MR/DD Tiered Waiver Rose Burnette
DD Project Manager, DMH/DD/SAS

2:15-2:45 LME Presentation on Youth Villages Transitional Living Program Sabrina Russell-Holloman, Utilization Management Supervisor, Guilford Center Behavioral Health and Disability Services

Mary Lee, Business Development Specialist, Transitional Living, Youth Villages

Annie Smith, State Director, Youth Villages

2:45-3:00 Analysis of Effectiveness of Single Stream Funding (S.L. 2009-191, Sec. 2) Steve Jordan
Director, DMH/DD/SAS

3:00 Closing Comments & Adjournment

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