Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NC News: Early Voting Starts Thursday, October 14th

Early Voting in North Carolina begins on Thursday, October 14th. We encourage you to take advantage of voting at Early Voting sites across North Carolina.

Here is the link to Early Voting Sites in North Carolina.

A reminder of your rights as a voter in North Carolina.

As a voter with a disability I have the right to:
1) Not be denied my right due to a disability.
2) Vote if I am in line before the polls close.
3) Choose a person to help me, but this person cannot be my employer or an agent of my employer or union.
4) Be reassigned before the election to a site accessible to me.

1) Voting inside the polling site…..usually accessible, but maybe not for all
2) Curbside voting….If you can get to the voting site, but can’t get into the building because of your disability, a poll worker can come to your vehicle.
3) Absentee Ballot by mail….Any registered voter is authorized to vote by mail using an absentee ballot.
4) Absentee One-Stop (No excuse)…Allows voters to vote in person ahead of the election by up to 19 days.
5) Satellite voting sites…Some counties establish a plan that allows voters with disabilities to vote at designated sites.

1) Laws protect your right to register and vote
2) Call the County Board of Elections and State Board of Elections
3) Call Disability Rights NC
4) You may always vote a provisional or contested ballot

Special Thanks to Disability Rights North Carolina for the Voting Rights information

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