Friday, October 22, 2010

NC News: Under the Dome-N.C. Shares in Medicaid Settlement

N.C. shares in Medicaid settlements-Under the Dome
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North Carolina is sharing in nationwide Medicaid settlements with four drug companies and a nursing home pharmacy provider over alleged improper promotional activities, kickbacks, or improper attempts to sway doctors to prescribe a drug.
Most of the $17.5 million that's the state's share of the settlements will go to the federal government, which pays about 70 percent of the state's Medicaid costs. The public schools will get a share of two of the five settlements.

The largest settlement is with AstraZeneca to settle claims that it allegedly engaged in an off-label marketing campaign for a drug that treats schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. N.C. Medicaid is getting $2.4 million in the settlement, and the public schools get $2.35 million.

Omnicare, which provides pharmaceutical services to long-term care facilities, settled false-claim allegations arising from its dealings with various nursing home chains and drug manufacturers. N.C. Medicaid's share is $839,058.
Alpharma allegedly provided doctors with training programs and research grants, and made false claims about the drug, Kadian, to convince them to prescribe it. N.C. Medicaid's share is $105,454 and the schools get $105,837.
IVAX Pharmaceuticals, for alleged violations of kickback laws. N.C. Medicaid's share is $137,631.
Novartis allegedly encouraged off-label prescribing of a drug that treats lung infections. N.C. Medicaid's share of the settlement is $30,360.
Correction: North Carolina's share of federal settlements. N.C. Medicaid will keep $3.5 million.


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