Monday, June 7, 2010

NCGA: Senate/House Budget Comparison

Senate/House Budget Comparison:

Senate Only

State Service Funds  ($4,461,202) NR

Replaces State funding with the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services with federal Mental Health and Substance Abuse block grant funds for FY 2010-11. The total includes $1,731,432 from the Mental Health Block Grant and $2,729,770 from Substance Abuse Block Grant. (This is a one time swap of state with federal funds).

Local In-Patient Bed Capacity $12,000,000 R

Increases funds available for the three-way contracts to purchase local hospital bed capacity for crisis response within the community. These funds will support the purchase of an estimated 50 beds, bringing the funding to $32 million.

Training in Facilities $534,795 R

Increases funds available for training direct care staff and front line leaders in patient care. Training will include on medication, on administration, on clinical and legal aspects of documentation, and cultural awareness.

Leadership Academy $250,000 NR

Provides funds for a Mental Health Leadership Academy for training for Mental Health managers, finance/budget officers, andother leaders within Local Management Entities.

Special Olympics $100,000 NR

Provides funding for a grant-in-aid to Special Olympics.

House Only

ALS Association $300,000 NR

Provides a non-recurring grant-in-aid to the Jim "Catfish" Hunter

Chapter of the ALS Association for services provided in North Carolina

House/Senate Conflicting Appropriation Amounts

Community Service Funds

Senate: $23,000,000 NR

Provides funding for community service funds administered through Local Management Entities. An additional $17 million of TANF funds is allocated to fully restore the $40 million non-recurring reduction for FY2010-11.

House: $18,809,089 NR

Provides funding for community services administered throughLocal Management Entities. Funding is transferred from the Officeof Early Learning within the Department of Public Instruction.  This partially restores the $40M NR reduction for FY 2010-11.

NC Health Choice Enrollment

Senate: $6,500,000 R

Provides State appropriation to increase enrollment in Health Choice by 2% of 2,750 children for a total of 137,789 children served by the program.

House: $3,250,000 R

Provides additional State appropriations for Health Choice.

In-Home Personal Care Services

Senate: ($59,805,207) R

Reforms the In-Home Personal Care Services program to provide care to those individuals at greatest risk of needing institutional care. Reform includes the elimination of in-home PCS services for adults and the creation of a new program for adults with the most intense needs-those needing assistance with thre or more activities of daily living (ADLs).

House: ($34,519,278) R

Reduces General Fund appropriations to reflect the continued use of independent assessments for In-Home Personal Care services.








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