Monday, June 28, 2010

NCGA: Budget Update from Jones St.

Budget writers are proof reading and finalizing last minute details on the $19 billion budget and the FMAP contingency to make up the $525 million in FMAP. One sticking point is when to take the FMAP contingency dollars-do we make the cuts now or hold off until January 1 to see what happens.

Mark Binker with the Greensboro News and Record is reporting the finally information on the details of the contingency dollars:

1) $177 million flexibility cut for all state agencies. It doesn’t deal with salaries. (There was a question among budget negotiators whether this was supposed to go into effect immediately or on Jan. 1.)
2) Reducing Medicaid provider rates. $26.6 million.
3) Reducing the general fund balance from the current year by $23.5 million
4) Transfer from the disaster reserve by $30 million
5) Use of interest from other funds: $50 million
6) Unclaimed lottery prize money $35 million
7) Reduce savings reserve by $37 million
8) Reduce the retirement fund contribution by $139 million

Read the rest of Mark Blinker's blog here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Julia. I've updated that post since they rewrote those numbers about two hours later.

-mark binker

Binker said...

Thanks Julia. I've updated that post since the honorables (with the governor's help) rewrote the order of that list two hours later. The items are the same but the order of operations is different.

-mark binker
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