Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Quick Hits: Hot Policy Topics for This Week

North Carolina:

Today the House and Senate will convene at 7:00pm.
7:00 PMSession Convenes (House)House Chamber
7:00 PMSession Convenes(Senate)Senate Chamber
The budget debate is far from over. The House passed their budget at 12:01AM on Friday morning. The Senate will receive the budget this week and will vote to not concur with it. This will quickly set up the conference committees for the appropriation subcommittees.
We will be posting here the list of items that are in conflict between to the two HHS budget items.

Hanging over the budget process is the significant delay in getting the US Congress to take up and pass the all important FMAP extension. This delay is causing House and Senate leaders to try and find a way to cover a 500 million dollar hole in the budget. Some options mentioned so far are to keep the budget as it is now, and hope that FMA gets passed. If it does not get passed then there will be a special session to handle the deficit.  A second option would be significant cuts to the HHS budget that would eliminate some optional Medicaid programs. The third option would be to cut in other departments or use some of the limited rainy day funds.

None of these options sounds good for the people who are receiving necessary services. 

House/Senate Calendar items of interest:

Tuesday-House Calendar

HEALTH 544 12:00 Noon

 H.B. 1692 Medicaid Dental/Special Needs Population.

 H.B. 1693 Develop Special Needs Dental Care Workforce.

 H.B. 1757 Physical Education and Activity in Schools.

 H.J.R. 2004 Study 'Most Favored Nation' Clauses/Insurers.  S.B. 675 Amend Public Health-Related Laws.

Wednesday-Senate Calendar


 HB 382 Authorize Voluntary Medical Registry Program

 HB 1694 Commission on Children with Special Needs-Dentist

 SB 1265 Treatment of Autism Disorders 

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