Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NCGA: House Education Committee Update

On Tuesday the House Education Committee debated the following two bills. House Bill 1683 Amend Sunset of Children with Disabilities was debated first. The questions regarding this proposed legislation were clarification of the definition of disability. The definition is in line with the federal definitions defining disability. The second question was regarding the reason why a sunset date was place in the original bill. The sunset date was an agreed upon compromise so that this bill could be put back in place. The bill received a favorable report and will now move on to House Judiciary II.

The second bill that was debated was House Bill 1682 Ban Corporal Punishment for Children with Disabilities. A committee substitute was offered for this bill changing the ban into a parental opt out option. Parents and guardians of students with disabilities would be offered the option of opting their child out of corporal punishment if that is practice in their school. There were no questions on this bill and it passed with a favorable report. This bill will now head to House Judiciary II.

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