Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Quick Hits: Hot Policy Topics for This Week

Budget Update:

The House has the budget and the first order of the week is to hold a public meeting. Tonight the House Appropriations Chairs will hold a public forum at the McKimmon Center on the NC State University campus as well as at three community college sites across the state. This event will be live streamed at and you can email your budget concerns to Town.Hall@NCLEG.NET.

Legislative Meetings of Interest:

Monday May 24, 2010

On Monday the Program Evaluation Oversight Committee will be looking at the oversight of non-profit grants from the state. We will be at the meeting and will give an update when available. We do know a bill has been filed. Check it out here:SB 1218

3:00 PM         Program Evaluation Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative        544 LOB

3:00 PM         Jt. Leg. Evaluation Oversight Comm.           544 LOB

6:00 PM         Session Convenes (House)   House Chamber

7:00 PM         Session Convenes (Senate)  Senate Chamber

Tuesday May 25, 2010

On Tuesday we have some important bills on the House Calendar. The first one is H.B. 1682 Ban Corporal Punishment for Children with Disabilities. This bill will have a committee substitute that will change the language to an opt out for children with disabilities. Parents will be provided during the start of every school year, during their IEP meeting and when their child transfers to a new school the opportunity to opt their child with a disability out of corporal punishment.

Tuesday: House Calendar

EDUCATION 643 11:00 am

 H.B. 1682 Ban Corp. Punish. for Children W/Disabilities.

 H.B. 1683 Amend Sunset/Children w/Disab.

 H.B. 1700 Career Acad. as Coop. Innov. High School.

 S.B. 1022 Comparative Effectiveness Task Force.

HEALTH 544 12:00 Noon

 H.B. 1756 Update Statewide Nutrition Standards.

 H.B. 1757 Physical Education and Activity in Schools.

 H.B. 1764 SS Survivors Benefits/Medicaid Eligibility.

 H.B. 1776 Electronic Funds Transfers/Farmers Markets.

 S.B. 675 Amend Public Health-Related Laws.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Senate Health Care will be meeting to review some of the bills proposed during the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services.

Wednesday: Senate Calendar


 SB 1151 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

 SB 1152 Study Child Nutrition Program

 SB 1153 Legislative Task Force on Childhood Obesity

 SB 1304 Modify CABHA Certification Process

 SB 1307 Modify MHDDSAS Reporting Requirements

 SB 1309 Extend and Expand First Commit Pilot

 SB 1319 Examine and Adjust Rates/Clubhouses




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