Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NCGA: SB 293 Juror Qualifications/Electronic Juror List

This bill was heard on the House floor yesterday and after much heated debate a motion to re-refer was presented by Representative Faison.  This bill has been heard by three committees and received a unanimous favorable report from each committee. It also was voted on by the Senate 49 Yes to 0 Nayes.

The bill will be in House Ways and Means today at 1pm a committee that has already discussed this bill. Representative Faison will be presenting an amendment on the bill and advocates are very concerned that this amendment will again pull us out of compliance with the ADA.

It is becoming clear to many in the disability community that there is still much education to be done regarding basic civil rights for people with disabilities. It is sad since 19 years ago President Bush signed into law the most comprehensive civil rights legislation for people with disabilities, The Americans with Disabilities Act.

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