Friday, July 24, 2009

NCGA: Budget Update-Negotiations Begin Again

Yesterday, Governor Bev Perdue objected to the 2 percent income tax surcharge effectively killing the compromise agreement between the House and Senate.

What this means is that the finance package that had taken so long to be agreed upon is now off "the table" and we are back to square one.

Currently North Carolina's government is running under a continuing resolution that sets spending at 84 percent of the current budget (FY 2008-2009).  This current continuing resolution is slated to expire on July 31.  We had hoped that the budget would be voted on by no later than Thursday evening and that a third continuing resolution would not be needed.  That scenario is no longer valid. We are getting reports that a third continuing resolution is being worked on right now.

We received reports today that negotiations will not begin again until Tuesday. We are hoping this is incorrect and that leaders of the House and Senate will understand the importance of coming to a compromise finance plan sooner rather than later.

As we receive more information we will be posting it here.

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