Friday, May 29, 2009

NCGA Legislative Update: Parent & Student Involvement Act Passes Senate and Heads to the Governor

We are excited to announce that our coalition work with the ACLU-NC, the NC Justice Center and the Covenant with North Carolina's Children has yielded a win for children in North Carolina!

House Bill 218: Parent & Student Involvement Act passed the Senate yesterday with a vote of 48 Yes to 0 Nayes.

We are expecting the Governor to sign this important legislation in the coming week.

This legislation begins the process of looking at our states policies for long term suspension. The bill will require written notification including a description of the incident leading to the recommendation for expulsion or suspension for more than ten days. The specific provisions of the student conduct policy or rule alleged to have been violated and the specific process to request a hearing to contest the expulsion or suspension for more than ten days including the number of days within which to request a hearing

We congratulate our partners and we appreciate the dedication and support of our bill sponsors especially Representative Bryant and Senator Queen.

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