Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Quick Hits: Hot Policy Topics for This Week

North Carolina:
This week at the General Assembly, lobbyists and legislators will be scrambling to get all of their legislation through crossover.

Crossover is the agreed upon date set by the legislature that is set out as a time line. Bills that do not have appropriations must pass at least one chamber prior to the crossover deadline to remain active for the long session.  

Thursday, May 14th is crossover this year.

In other news, the House is continuing its work on their proposed budget. The news last week indicated that the House must cut an additional $1.5 billion from the Senate's budget.  We are anticipating that the House will roll out its budget right after crossover.

Bills of Interest This Week
Tuesday May 12, 209
Recommended Approp. MH/DD/SAS Oversight Comm. (H457)
Recommendations of MH/DD/SA Oversight Comm. (H458)
Mental Health Services for Children/Kids' Care. (H600)
Guardianship/Incompetency. (H1086)
Improve LME Accountability.-AB (H1188)
Residential Treatment Facil./TBI. (H1309)

12:00 PM HEALTH (House) 544 LOB
Certified Professional Midwives Licensure. (H333)
Establish Gestational Surrogacy Agreements. (H510)
Cancer Patient Assistance. (H1020)
Sheriff/Inspect Prescription & Drug Records. (H1119)
DHHS/Update current inspection practices.-AB (H1186)
DHHS/Tracking Outpatient Commitments.-AB (H1189)
DHHS/Tech. Assistance for Menu Labeling. (H1273)
Childhood Obesity/Common Metric Measures. (H1274)
Prohibit Self-Service Displays for Tobacco. (H1487)

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