Monday, May 11, 2009

Action Alert: HB 672 Accountability for State Funding MH/DD/SA

TODAY the NC House Votes on House Bill 672-Accountability for State Funding MH/DD/SA

We need you to TAKE ACTION. Call your Representative today.
House Bill 672: Accountability for State Funding passed the House Mental Health Reform Committee and House Health and Human Services Appropriation Subcommittee. Today this bill will be voted on by the House this evening. We need you to call your Representative and ask to vote YES for this legislation.

EMAIL or CALL your Representative NOW.

Vote YES for the bill!

* HB 672 directs LMEs who are receiving single stream funding to hold a bi-annual public hearing during their board meeting to discuss with consumers how funding is being used. This important legislation gives advocates the ability to dialogue with their LMEs regarding funding needs.

* HB 672 directs the Department of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services to analyze the effectiveness of single stream funding.

* HB 672 has the support of advocates, providers, the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Local Management Entities.

Find Your Representative:

Read the Bill:
House Bill 672: Accountability for State Funding MH/DD/SA
Primary Sponsors: Representative Earle, Representative Brisson, Representative Hurley and Representative Hughes.
Co-Sponsors: Representative M. Alexander, Representative Bell, Representative Bordsen, Representative Carney, Representative Coates, Representative Faison, Representative Farmer-Butterfield, Representative Goforth, Representative Harrison, Representative Howard, Representative Justus, Representative Lucas, Representative Luebke, Representative Mackey, Representative Parmon, Representative Pierce, Representative Randleman, Representative Wainwright and Representative Wray.
An act relating to Local Management Entities use of state funds for Mental Health, Developmental Disability, and Substance Abuse Services.

If you have any questions please contact Julia Leggett, Policy Coordinator The Arc of North Carolina.

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