Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Quick Hits: Hot Policy Topics for This Week

North Carolina:
If you are curious, session starts January 28th.  With that clock ticking in the background the General Assembly is holding multiple meetings over the next few weeks to get its legislative proposals set to go.  The budget is still the most obvious topic.  Budget projects show  short fall between 2.7 billion and 3.5 billion.  Personally, I am thinking 3.5 billion is more likely.  So with a tight appropriation there will be a lot of legislative proposals that will lack appropriation requests.  Here is the list of what we are watching this week:

Tuesday, Nov. 18
10 a.m. | The Joint Select Committee on Arts Education meets, 1228/1327 LB.
This committee has been meeting to create a proposal that would add one art credit requirement to the North Carolina high school graduation requirements.

10 a.m. | The House Select Committee on Compensation for Victims of the Eugenics Sterilization Program meets, 1124 LB.
This committee has been hearing testimony from people who were victims of eugenics and sterilization laws in our state.  Compensation for these victims has been the focus of these meetings.

1 p.m. | The House Select Committee on a Comprehensive Rail Service Plan for North Carolina meets, 1027/1128 LB.
How do we get people from Raleigh to Durham without driving? This committee continues it work on creating a realistic and do able plan to create a comprehensive rail plan for the state. Funding is going to be a topic in all transportation meetings.

2 p.m. | The House Select Committee on the Legal Aspects of Using Lottery Proceeds for Charter School Funding meets, 1228/1327 LB.

Wednesday, Nov. 19

10 a.m. | The Joint Legislative Health Care Oversight Committee meets, 1228/1327 LB.

10 a.m. | The Legislative Study Commission on Children and Youth meets, 1027/1128 LB.

10 a.m. | The 21st Century Transportation Prioritization and Efficiency Subcommittee meets, 643 LOB.
10 am. | The 21st Century Transportation Finance Subcommittee meets, 1124 LB.
1 p.m. | The 21st Century Transportation Committee meets, 643 LOB.

Thursday, Nov. 20
10 a.m. | The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Mental Health meets, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse meets, 643 LOB.

1 p.m. | The House Study Committee on Unbanked and Underbanked Consumers meets, 1228/1327 LB.

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