Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Quick HIts: Hot Policy Topics for This Week

The Election is over and the committee meetings at the North Carolina General Assembly are back in full swing.  As November wraps up we will have a much better view of what legislation each of these committees will propose for the long session.  

North Carolina:

Monday, Nov. 10
10 a.m. | The Child Fatality Taskforce - Unintentional Death Committee meets, 1228/1327 LB.

Wednesday, Nov. 12
10 a.m. | The North Carolina Study Commission on Aging meets, 643 LOB.
Last meeting this committee received reports on the need for keeping and extending dental services for the aging and disability community.

10 a.m. | The House Select Committee on Televising Sessions meets, 1228 LB.
Last committee meeting, members received reports on how legislative sessions are televised in other states and how these models could translate to our state.  Members also received reports from local cable networks and public television discussing implementation of this program.  The Arc of North Carolina is supporting this initiative and did request to the committee that any program proposal must be fully accessible to all citizens of North Carolina.

2 p.m. | The Joint Study Committee on Housing meets, 544 LOB.
During the first committee meeting members received an overview of the Housing Trust Fund presented by the Housing Finance Agency.  Housing for people with disabilities is critical to create a successful independent transition for this community.  Accessible and affordable housing options are also in short supply.  We will be tracking this committee closely for their legislative proposals.

Thursday, Nov. 13

9 a.m. | The Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee meets, 544 LOB.
Options on how to address DOT transition issues and how to improve transportation in North Carolina will be on the agenda again this time.

10 a.m. | The Joint Legislative Commission on Dropout Prevention and High School
Graduation meets, 643 LOB.
This committee will again be meeting to hear presentations regarding the issue of keeping kids in school.


Congress will come back in session in a week.  During the lame duck session, Congressional leadership will try to work with the Bush administration to pass a second economic stimulus plan.  Disability advocates will be working to ensure that whatever economic stimulus package is created that Medicaid and Medicare state assistance is included.  There is growing concern across our nation that more Medicaid services to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities will see severe cuts.  We will be tracking all of these national developments and will be sending out action alerts as needed.

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