Saturday, June 21, 2008

Special NC Legislative Update: The Budget

The House and Senate are now in the process of negotiating the differences between their budget proposals.  There are some significant differences. 
In the Health and Human Services budget one significant difference is the CAP/MR-DD Tier 1 Support Waiver spending limits.  The House budget special provision set the spending limit at $20,000.00.  The Senate set this tier at $15,000.00.   The national average for this support waiver is $20,000.  Advocates, parents, people with developmental disabilities and LMEs have all supported the creation of these tier waivers and have supported the $20,000 dollar spending limit on the first tier.  We will continue to follow the debate on this issue.

It is looking more and more like the budget conferees will wrap up their work by Monday, June 23rd.  The legislators are on track to finalize the budget and put it on the Governor's desk by this coming Friday.

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