Monday, June 16, 2008

Dispatch from the GA: Senate HHS Appropriations

The budget has been released.  Here is a quick money report from the Senate on our legislative budget requests.

CAP/MR-DD Waiver Funding: We requested $10 million.  The House appropriated $8.2 million and the Senate has appropriated $8.2 million.

START Crisis Model for Developmental Disabilities:  We supported the start up of this crisis service model for people with developmental disabilities.  The House appropriated
$3,239,688 recurring and $204,459 non recurring for 9 START Crisis Model teams that would be locally based.  The Senate appropriated $1,737,250 recurring and $138,993 non recurring to fund 6 START crisis models.  The teams would be state employees.

Respite Beds for Developmental Disabilities: Both the House and the Senate appropriated $903,375 recurring and $177,617 non recurring funding for 12 respite beds for people with developmental disabilities across the state.

Medically Fragile Children:  Both the House and the Senate have appropriated $70,000 non recurring funding and $290,000 in block grant funding for Tender Healthcare.  This non-profit organization serves children who are medically fragile.

Housing 400 Initiative: The House and the Senate both provided $1 million in recurring funding for operational cost subsidy and $7 million in non-recurring funding for home construction.

Early Intervention for Autism: The Senate appropriated $1,875,000 recurring for early intervention for Autism.  This is an increase of $575,000 from the House budget that appropriated $1,300,000 for early intervention.

Autism Awareness and Education Video: This is a new item that was not included in the House budget.  It comes out of the Autism Task Force.  The Senate has appropriated $30,000 non recurring for TEACH to develop videos for autism education and awareness for public officials and judicial branch officials.  

Supportive Series for HUD 811 Projects:  The House and the Senate both appropriated $129,331 recurring and $155,000 non  recurring. This money is direct support dollars to residents of independent housing units in Wake, Mecklenburg, Rowan and Buncombe counties. This request was part of our legislative funding requests.

Traumatic Brain Injury Services: Both the House and the Senate appropriated $1 million for traumatic brain injury.

Beyond Academics: Intellectual Disability Transition Program.
Both the House and the Senate appropriated $200,000 in non recurring funding for this program.

We will update the special provisions later in the day.  We extend our gratitude to the Senate leadership for understanding the needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

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