Thursday, June 12, 2008

Action Alert: Call These Senators Today!

The House has passed their budget and it is now in the Senate. We were very pleased with the $8.2 million dollar funding for new CAP/MR-DD slots. We need to let Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee members and Senate Appropriation members know how important this funding is to people with developmental disabilities and their families.
New CAP Tier 1 Support Waiver Slots in the House budget are currently set at a spending limit of 20,000 (twenty thousand). We need the Senate to support this spending limit. At this time the Senate is considering $15,000.00 spending limit. This would be a disaster for families on the waiting list. National and State data indicate that $20,000 (twenty thousand) is that appropriate spending limit for this tier.

Take Action:
We need you to call or email these members on Thursday, June 12, 2008.

Tell Them:

To support the House budget. $8.2 million dollars will open over one thousand support waiver slots. These slots will begin to address the needs for people with developmental disabilities currently on our waiting list.

To support the $20 thousand spending limits on CAP/MR-DD Support Waiver Tier 1.
This spending limit is supported by Division of Health and Human Services, Local Management Entitites (LMEs), advocacy groups, provider organizations, people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Who to Call:

Senate Health and Human Service Appropriations
Senator Doug Berger 919.715.8363
Senator William Purcell 919.733.5953

Senate Appropriations
Senator Charles Albertson 919.733.5705
Senator Charlie Dannelly 919.733.5955
Senator Linda Garrou 919.733.5620

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