Monday, February 25, 2008

Some comments from Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Nielsen:

On the topic of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse Reform; "Sad to report that the system is in free fall. I have traced the problem back to 2001. It is clear to me that no one ncluding some of the candiates for governor want to take responsibility. To add insult to injury the mental health trust fund was raided in 2002 and 2003."

In reference to who to vote for in 2008:
"The real question is do you trust what they (the candidate) say look at all these candidates make up your mind who do you trust in the process the future of mental health care is not in my hands but in yours and who you choose."

In regards to where we stand nationally:
I"n a national scoring system we in north Carolina get only a D in Mental Health care."

On the drop out rate for children with developmental disabilities:
"We need more school counselors to catch the problems earlier."

Neilsen asked of the many representatives of TROSA if their program is working and if it should be expanded?
The representatives unanimously responded "Yes!" and stated this program needs more funding.

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