Monday, February 25, 2008

Gubernatorial Candidate Bev Perdue address MH/DD/SAS

Here are some comments from Bev Perdue:

"Mental Health System in North Carolina is failing our most vulnerable citizens. You need to have an unwavering commitment by North Carolina's next leader and I am that leader."
"Many of my remarks will speak to Mental Health but developmental disabilities and substance abuse will never take a back seat in my mind in the services that we provide."

Speaking about her granddaughter:

"Delivered our first granddaughter almost 12 her name is Rachel. She is beautiful with long brown hair big brown eye. She was born with CP and she is very disabled. I am someone who cares deeply about Rachel and understands the challenges for my family. I see that young couple with two other children struggling. We can afford some respite care but at night I worry about all of those people in North Carolina who have no one else to help them. The caregiver that has no one else to help them."

On the concept of the medical home:

"Expand the concept of the medical home to include folks in the mental health system and we need to agree on a basic corps services for mental health".

On the role of inpatient care:
"We can not neglect the need for strong inpatient services for people with mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse services." "We have to have strong inpatient services for crisis management and for long term illnesses."
"North Carolina can’t walk away from our corps responsibilities."

"In North Carolina the quality of mental health care will not be dictated by your zip code.
Every person in this system mental health/developmental disabilities/substance abuse all of those folks are people they are real living people they are not some number or profile or someone who does not matter. My North Carolina has an obligation to ensure that services are available in all corners of NC to meet peoples needs."

"I really believe that all of us here today want a mental health system that works. There is not one person in this state who is involved in the system who will say it is going to be easy. Fix it we will and we will do it together with community based and inpatient options and a mental health home a corps set of services and you will help me make that home."

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