Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NCGA: Wednesday and Thursday.

Committee meetings start in earnest this morning. Of interest today is the House floor debate and vote on HB 2: Protect Health Care Freedom, SB8: No Cap Charter Schools and finally SB13: Balanced Budget Act.

Some quick information on SB13: Balanced Budget Act. This bill will give Governor Perdue the ability to go into this years current budget (FY2010) and cut an additional $400 million dollars. This action was something that Governor Bev Perdue has been asking for and according to Senate leadership the figure of $400 million is what the governor said she could raise. This additional savings in theory would create more of a buffer for the upcoming budget process.

Here is the calendar:

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

8:30 AM Finance (Joint)544 LOB

8:30 AM Joint House and Senate Finance
Informational presentations by staff 544 LOB

10:00 AM Education/Higher Education (Senate) 643 LOB
No Cap on Number of Charter Schools. (S8)

10:00 AM Judiciary Subcommittee C (House) 415 LOB

10:00 AM Judiciary Subcommittee B (House) 421 LOB
Exclusionary Rule/Good Faith Exception. (H3)

1:00 PM Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House (House) 1228 LB
Permanent House Rules. (H19)

2:30 PM Appropriations/Base Budget (Senate) 643 LOB
Balanced Budget Act of 2011. (S13)

Thursday, February 03, 2011
8:30 AM Finance (Joint) 544 LOB

10:00 AM Judiciary I (Senate) 1027 LB

10:00 AM Judiciary II (Senate) 1124 LB
Make Synthetic Cannabinoids Illegal. (S4)
Ban Mephedrone. (S7)
Make Synthetic Cannabinoids Illegal. (S9)

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