Monday, January 31, 2011

NCGA: What's up for the week

Here we go with the budget. There will be a joint budget overview starting Tuesday at 8:30AM and again on Wednesday at 8:30AM.

This is when staff gets to present to the House and the Senate the budget details so that everyone starts their debates on a level playing field of knowledge.

And speaking of the budget, SB 13 has been filed by Senators Stevens, Brunstetter and Hunt which will give the governor more budget cutting powers in order to reach an additional $400 million in savings in the current budget (FY 2010). Quick reminder that the Senate sponsors for this bill are all the full appropriation chairs for the Senate.

In the House we are expecting to see the the Voter ID bill introduced soon. This bill will be sponsored by Representative Rick Killian and Representative Tim Moore. We will have more on this tomorrow.

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