Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NCGA: MH/DD/SAS Legislative Oversight Meeting

Today the MH/DD/SAS Legislative Oversight Meeting is being held at 10:00am in room 643 today.
We encourage you to attend the meeting if you are in town. If not please listen in on the legislative website or follow along with us on this blog and our twitter.

Important numbers for today: The Legislature's budget cuts were $60 million dollars, the Governor cut an additional $15 million after the budget was signed by using an executive order. This is a total of $75 million in cuts to people with mental health needs, developmental disabilities, and addictive disorders. These cuts are draconian and for many in these communities these cuts will end critical services, put families into crisis, and could send people out of their communities and back into institutions. 

These cuts must be addressed by legislative leadership in an honest and open way and there needs to be real plans to restore this funding in the next budget cycle.

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