Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Election 2008 Lt. Governor Candidates Debate Tonight

UNC-TV will host a debate on the issues with the candidates for lieutenant governor.  The candidates are Democratic Walter Dalton, Republican Robert Pittenger and Libertarian Phillip Rhodes.  The debate will air at 7:30pm on UNC-TV.

We will have updates as always on our Election 2008 Blog.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud everything the ARC has done and continuues to do for those with different abilities. Although I must say, as a professional who has worked in the field of Developmental Intervention, that we as workers/professionals have not been treated well by the organizations that hire us and expect live changing results from our work.
One of the links to helping those with different abilities, is the quality service and care provided by the people hired to do skill training, advocacy, intervention and unfortunatly we are not paid well, and or treated well by many local and state organizations. In many cases we are paid close to minimium wage with no health insurance, no over time and strict dictated amount of time given when trying to better the life of someone with disabilities. In my opinion, there is a correlation between advocating for person's with disabilities and also advocating for the fair treatment of those who work in the field of providing that care.
In short, better services will come to those with different abilities, when those who provide those services are treated and paid for their skills.