Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Hot Topics: Hot Policy Topics This Week

North Carolina:

Let’s start with the budget. Yes we are still talking about and tracking the budget. On Thursday, Speaker of the House Joe Hackney and Senator Marc Basnight announced that the budget conferees had completed their work, the budget is balanced, and we are ready for a vote. The first vote will take place tonight.

The total budget is $21.3 billion. It includes 3% raise for teachers and a 2.75% raise for state employees.  

We will have more on the budget after it gets through the first vote.

House Bills of Interest
First up tonight, concurrence vote on the budget.
Once that is finished there are two more bills up for concurrence votes tonight of interest to people with disabilities.

HB 93 Senate Committee Substitute - Weiss, Earle and England (Primary Sponsors) -
(Senate Committee Substitute) (2nd Edition)
This bill will study safety measure for transporting people who use wheelchairs from where they live or work to their next destination. This bill started last session. After today’s vote it will head to the Governor’s desk. This bill came out of the Aging Committee recommendations.

HB 2306 Senate Committee Substitute - Glazier, Lucas and Yongue (Primary Sponsors) -
PROGRAM. (Senate Committee Substitute) (3rd Edition)
This bill will direct a conversation between DHHS and DPI on who is responsible for what when a child is in a private residential treatment center.

Senate Bills of Interest
The Senate is also scheduled to vote on the budget conference report this evening.

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