Monday, July 7, 2008

Action Alert: Call Your North Carolina State Senator Today!

The Arc of North Carolina Action Alert

Take Action – Call Your North Carolina State Senator Today-Ask Them To Appoint Conferees for House Bill 1366 School Violence Prevention Act – The Bullying Bill.


House Bill 1366 The Bullying Bill passed the House last year with a list of enumerated categories. The categories include race, religion, gender, and disabilities. The categories were included in this legislation to address the groups of students who are most vulnerable to bullying. The list reflects the findings of national reports on bullying.
The Senate passed a similar bill last session but without the categories.
Last week the House voted 60 to 56 to not concur with the Senate bill. The bills must now go to conference.

Tell Them

This legislation needs to go to a conference committee.

Ask them to speak to leadership and request that conferees be appointed to discuss this bill.

Research has demonstrated that including enumerated categories makes students feel safer, and makes teachers and school staff more likely to intervene.

How to find your Senator
Or call 919-733-7928

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