Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Announcement: Disability Rights North Carolina (formerly Carolina Legal Assistance) Requests Your Input.

Disability Rights North Carolina (formerly Carolina Legal Assistance) is now the Protection and Advocacy (P&A) organization for North Carolina. It is part of a nationwide network of similar organizations charged with the responsibility of protecting the rights of people who have disabilities.

Federal regulations require that Disability Rights North Carolina develop a set of annual "priorities." This year’s priority-setting process will take place over the next few weeks, ending with final approval of priorities by our board of directors at its December 14 meeting. These priorities, which will guide us in our protection and advocacy work, will be reported to our federal granting agencies.

Your input is critical to the development of meaningful priorities, which will guide the activities of Disability Rights North Carolina during the coming year.

Deadline for comments is November 15, 2007

1. What are the four most important issues you would like DRNC to work on?

2. If Disability Rights NC could accomplish only one thing during the next year, what would you want it to be?

3. I am a person with a disability. ___ Yes ___ No

I am a family member of a person with a disability ___ Yes ___ No

If a family member please state your relationship: _____________________________

The disability is:

___ developmental disability ___ mental illness ___ physical disability

___ sensory impairments ___ substance abuse ___ traumatic brain injury

4. What are your unmet needs related to your disability?

5. In what county do you live?_________________ Town? _______________________

Email, FAX or mail your response to the above questions to Allison Breedlove at:

FAX: (919) 856-2244

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