Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NCGA News: House Bill 344 Tax Credits for Children with Disabilites on House Floor Tonight.

HB 344: Tax Credit Bill for Children with Disabilities will be voted on this evening by the NC House. Herre is what the bill does:
1. Provide up to a 6,000 dollar tax credit for children with disabilities that are either enrolled in private school or home school. To qualify a student must have an active IEP and receive daily special education services. The student also must be enrolled in a public school for two semesters with that active IEP.

2. The bill establishes a Special Needs Trust Fund, that will be used at the discretion of the State Board of Education to provide supplemental services and supports for students with disabilities that remain in the public school system.

The Arc of NC has been working on this legislation for several sessions.

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