Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bill Update: Senate Bill 465 Behavioral Health Management

Today the Senate Mental Health committee will take up Senator Fletcher Hartsell's Behavioral Health Management bill. This proposed legislation would permit new 1915 (b)(c) waiver sites to incorporate under a hospital statute instead of the current 122C state statute. A major concern of advocates is that this might permit the new waiver sites to not have CFACs and will remove oversight from the department. We will have more information regarding this bill later today.

Here is the bill:
SB 465 Behavioral Health Management


Joe Donovan said...

Uh, The "Advocates" don't seem to have a problem with Division's elimination of the Consumer Affairs Officer. They haven't noticed that Senate Bill 525 will probably eliminate the Advocacy and Customer Services Section at the Division. So why should they be concerned about a few CFACs?

Julia Leggett said...

Thanks for the comment Joe.

Julia Leggett said...

Joe, Senate Bill 525 has had significant changes to it and it is aimed at removing duplicative processes for providers so that services can be streamlined.

Appointed to the committee will be advocates, providers and members of the legislature. I am not seeing where in the bill there is any adjustment to the Advocacy and customer Services Section at the Division. If you can show me the line item that deletes this, we can take it up with the bill sponsor.