Thursday, December 9, 2010

NC News:Governor Beverly Perdue Announce Her Plan to Restructure NC Government

Facing a growing budget deficit (current estimates are a 3.7 billion dollar budget gap) Governor Beverly Perdue released today her plan to re-structure state government. Here goal is to “streamline state government and save money”.
Speaking in Pinehurst to several area chambers of commerce, Governor Perdue stated that she is proposing a hiring freeze in state government, the elimination of support functions such as human resources, and the consolidation of several state agencies.

The proposal for consolidating agencies would take state government from 14 agencies down to 8 agencies.

Here are some of the details of the governor’s proposal:
-Consolidate the departments of Juvenile Justice, Correction and Crime Control and Public Safety will merge and become one Department of Public Safety.
-Department of Commerce will absorb the Employment Security Commission.
-Department of Administration will change to the Department of Management and Administration and will take up the tasks of chief operations unit for state government, absorb information technology, the Office of State Personnel and the controllers office.
-Privatization of purchasing function and IT consolidation through a different private company.
-Human Resources would move out of state government to a private company, as part of the outsourcing of state functions.
-Hiring freeze in all cabinet agencies. The governor also called on members of the Council of State to follow her lead and freeze all hiring of non critical positions.
-Governor Perdue will also present to lawmakers a list of 150 state boards and commissions that could be eliminated. North Carolina currently operates 400 state boards and commissions.

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