Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hill Report: Senate Passes Critical FMAP Extension

Today the US Senate took up the final vote on HR 1586 today, the vehicle for the extension of necessary FMAP funding. There were two Republican amendments voted on that would have extended tax cuts for individuals and small businesses that are set to expire in December. Those two amendment, if they had passed, would have sent the bill with the FMAP extension back to the Senate Finance.

Both of these amendment failed. The final vote on HR 1586 is 61 yes and 39 no. The bill has now officially passed the Senate. The bill includes $26.1 billion in extension stimulus funding. $16.1 billion in FMAP funding. North Carolina will see $343 million dollars in Medicaid dollars and $300 million in funding for teachers and schools. Passage of this bill means that we will most likely not see the 1% across all department reduction as laid out in the budget technical correction bills.

The US House of Representatives has been called back to Washington, DC. This bill will be calendared for a vote on Tuesday.

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