Friday, February 12, 2010

National Disability News: Articles Of Interest

The Arc of NC Policy Blog often finds articles of interest that discuss issues of interest to the larger disability community. We will begin today to bring some of these to our readers. This will be a bi-monthly installment. The intent is to show the growing interest in disability policy as reflected by media groups and universities. We hope you enjoy the read.

Scholar-physician juggles culture, care, compassion

Feb. 10, 2010

by Susannah Brooks

What do frogs and bears have to do with human disability?

[photo] Schalick.

Pediatrician Walton Schalick, an assistant professor in the School of Medicine and Public Health, examines Ben, a 4-year-old with developmental disabilities, at Central Wisconsin Center. The center is a state residential and short-term medical treatment facility for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Photo: Jeff Miller

A recent lecture in Walt Schalick’s History of Disability course covers the full spectrum of human-animal relationships. Service animals aren’t the only ones making an impact: Frogs with limb abnormalities can mark environmental change, while the physiology of hibernating bears could help researchers lessen bone loss in bedridden (human) patients.

Perhaps the most striking, however, are the examples of herd behavior. Species who let weak or disabled individuals lag behind put the whole group at risk. Those species who integrate disabled individuals find adaptations that end up strengthening the group’s resiliency. In turn, they increase the sense of mutual care and cooperation within the community.

Read more at the University of Wisconsin Madison News Page.

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