Friday, March 20, 2009

The Arc of North Carolina: Governor Perdue's Budget Fulfills Promise to People and Families with Developmental Disabilities

Governor Perdue’s Budget Fulfills Promise to People and Families with Developmental Disabilities.

Governor Perdue made good on her commitments to individuals and families who rely on the Developmental Disability service system in North Carolina. During the worst budget conditions that our state has seen in half a century, Governor Perdue managed to avoid any cuts to the community Developmental Disability system in her recommended budget that was released on Tuesday.

Governor Bev Perdue’s budget reflects her understanding and commitment to the Community Alternatives Program, which offers families and people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to remain in their communities by providing critical support services.
We encourage the legislature to follow the recommendations that Governor Perdue has laid out to protect people with developmental disabilities in our state.

If the legislature were to adopt the Governor’s 2009-10 budget recommendations community Mental Health, Developmental Disability, and Substance Abuse Services funded by state funds would receive no reductions. Additionally the funding for Tier 1 Community Alternatives Program slots that have been frozen this year would be released. Funding for the START crisis model would be intact for a full year and other community services that were funded on a partial year will receive annualized funding.

During this economic crisis it is critical that we support our community Developmental Disability system and the families and individuals that receive these services. This is the time to provide stability in an uncertain time. Governor Perdue’s budget achieves that important goal.

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