Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is the day! Join us as we watch TV!

Today is the historical culmination of two years of election news. Today President Elect Barack Obama becomes President Obama. This is the largest crowd for an inauguration. This is the truly shaping up to be the people's inauguration and believe me when I tell you the world is watching.

This is also shaping up to be the most accessible inauguration. The President Elect Barack Obama has already addressed the needs of people with disabilities in his speech on election night, on the first whistle stop on his train tour and in his campaign platform.

We will be watching all the major channels and we will be reading Twitter feeds from Ryan Beckwith (Under the Dome) who is now in DC!

We will be bringing you our comments on our Election 2008 blog. Join us there starting at 10:00am this morning!

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