Wednesday, August 27, 2008

History Made in North Carolina General Assembly

As we had mentioned in our "Monday Quick Hits", legislators returned to Raleigh today to override Governor Easley's veto of House Bill 2167.  This is the first time that our General Assembly has successfully voted to override a governor's veto.  Read about this vote at WRAL.

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Advocate said...

Something I can tell my grandchildren about: NC history in the making.

It’s about time the NC General Assembly had a “special session” to show what is truly meaningful to the state of North Carolina and at the same time show support for the “special needs community” of boat people.

To have a law on the books that clearly discriminates against the “special needs” of boat people in North Carolina by restricting their movement both day and night is shameful. I can’t think of anything more appropriate than to have a “special session” for the “special needs” of the boat people to create this moment in history that will be forever remembered.

In the future I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren that on this date the Boat People were liberated and that is why the Boat People are able to roam the streets without fear of being profiled, stopped and fined "by the man" for being who they are.

I’m so glad to live in a state that cares about its people so much that its willing to hold a special session, even at tax payers expense, to change a law that protect the very "special needs community" of Boat People.

Rise up Boat People your time is now!!